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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

12+ Best Ways to Get Free YouTube Subscribers

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This post will show you how to get youtube subscribers for free. Learn the best ways to get free YouTube subscribers here.

In order to monetize and increase your youtube channel views, you need to have as many YouTube subscribers on your video as possible.

YouTube is one of the giant search engines that you will find around the globe. When it comes to video content, YouTube is the name that everyone calls out.

People have started converting their textual content into video content because there is a lot of demand for videos. Although, it seems hard to get free YouTube subscribers for their contents.

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Have you been searching for best ways to get free YouTube subscribers on your YouTube channel?

Of course, in order to make money online by posting videos online, you need to get YouTube views and subscribers.

Sadly, YouTube policy has changed and the new policy requires you have at least 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers before your contents can be monetized.

YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world holds tremendous popularity among everyone. So those of you who have a YouTube Channel and are looking to increase the views, here are few tips for you.

Alert! Never ever buy YouTube subscribers. Run away from services that offer you the opportunity to acquire YouTube subscribers by spending money.

There are free ways to get YouTube views. Therefore, you will do yourself more harm than good if you buy youtube views and subscribers when there are ways to get free YouTube subscribers.

They are pure frauds as you will only end up pouring money. Though you will get views, your likes and subscribers will not increase at all. So here is the deal that is going to work for you.

Best Ways to Get Free YouTube Subscribers

These are the current ways to get free YouTube subscribers that will last and convert well.

1. SEO your video

YouTube Video SEO is not just limited for Google, but you need to do SEO for the video by incorporating keywords in the video title and description.

Make sure that they are search engine optimized. If you are creating a video on how to make Italian pasta, then you need to have the keywords that people usually search for this.

Keep your description detailed and include the links to your social media accounts and LSI keywords.

2. Use an appropriate thumbnail

For you to get free youtube subscribers, it is important to use a suitable thumbnail instead of using an over the top sensational thumbnail.

The thumbnails which are misleading are completely against YouTube’s terms and conditions.

The thumbnail is such that it informs people what the video is all about so that they can confidently click on it and watch it.

A good thumbnail is important to encourage people to watch the video.

YouTube already has this default system where it automatically chooses 3 images which are good as a thumbnail for your video. But then you can also create your own thumbnail and upload it.

3. Make use of Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. You must connect your Facebook account with your YouTube channel in order to have further engagement and discussion on your video.

This is one of the Ways to Get Free YouTube Subscribers. You know Facebook is also useful for reaching out to your subscribers when they are not active on YouTube.

You can post the video as an embedded video to generate more views.

4. Twitter has a lot of power

You can use twitter to get free youtube subscribers for your channel. Twitter is a platform where you can keep the conversations moving related to your area of concern.

Since Twitter heavily works on the hashtag, you can research on a hashtag which is popular and make a video related to that.

Whatever Tweets that you are putting on Twitter must contain relevant hashtags so that the audience is driven towards it.

5. Have the inclusion of Click Through Action (very important)

You can gather a lot of youtube subscribers for free using this method. Ask to subscribe to youtube channel there are people who subscribe to your channel without you even asking for it.

But then for those who like your videos but forget to subscribe to your channel, you can put a call-to-action of subscribing button at the end of the video.

You can also put the CTA of watch next video.

You need to explain to the audience as to how your channel is going to benefit them.

6. Consistency is the key

In order to get a good amount of subscribers, you need to be absolutely consistent with your videos. You need to keep on posting at regular intervals.

It will not do if you are uploading one video and then the next video after two months. You have to make sure that you are posting twice a week.

For this, you need to make a proper video schedule so that people are aware of the fact that you are regular with uploading videos.

7. Focus on the trending topics

This is one of the great and best ways to get free youtube subscribers to your videos on YouTube. Make videos on the content which is already viral. I am not saying that copy it from someone.

What I am trying to say is that create content that can be linked to your brand. So you need to be really clever with the theme.

For example, if you are a bike manufacturer and looking to make a video on Independence Day, then you need to connect independence with your brand so that you will get more subscribers for your unique content.

This is the job of your marketing team to create content.

8. Create good End screens

It is really important to have end screens to your videos. YouTubers know what importance the “End Screens” hold in their lives.

Those last 5-20 seconds are very crucial where the YouTubers can add that extra piece of information to promote their content or the channel or website.

So basically, we can say that End screens are a kind of lifeline for the YouTubers and the best part is that, it is mobile friendly,

Which means, it becomes simple for the viewer to take the next move before the video ends and thus, this end screen keeps the viewer go with the flow!

9. Create a supporting blog for your channel

The Best Ways to Get Free YouTube Subscribers is to create a supporting blog for your channel. You are producing video content for your brand. So I would suggest you have a blog that will support your video content.

You have a website, so you must publish blogs on it so that you can embed the YouTube videos in your blog and get more views.

YouTube keeps on changing its policies so it is better to have your own place which is in your control.

For me, this is not one of the best ways to get free youtube subscribers but it also helps.

  1. Create playlists

Create youtube playlist to increase video subs. Create playlists for your content so viewers can watch it consecutively.

After the first video ends, your other videos will automatically play, which will get more views for each played video without them having to navigate off the player.

You can embed playlists, post them in your channel, or have users share them to increase the total views for each playlist.

So if you follow these tips you will automatically start getting a good amount of subscribers on your YouTube videos. Just keep calm and keep doing your work.

Remember, the more views you get on your videos, the freer youtube subscribers you get.

  1. Improve your Video quality

One of the Best Ways to Get Free YouTube Subscribers is improving on the video quality. The quality of your video determines how your viewers will react. Is your youtube video blur?

Is there too much noise in the background? Research has shown that HD videos tend to get ranked more than low quality videos.

Therefore, the good quality video will help you get free youtube subscribers without spending a dime.


  1. Improve Your Video content

To get free youtube subscribers, you need to provide value to your viewers. Crappy video contents scare viewers away and they will never click the subscribe button.

  1. Audio quality

To gain 100% YouTube watch time from your viewers and get free youtube subscribers, you need a good audio quality.

Too loud or too low is a No if you must get youtube views and subscribers for free.

Wrapping up…

Now that you have gone through our collection of best ways to get free youtube subscribers, which one would you rather try?

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