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Friday, February 22, 2019

Amazon Affiliate Registration Process for Nigerians

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Learn how to make money with Amazon Affiliate in Nigeria 2019 through this Amazon Affiliate Registration Process for Nigerians.

I understand that it is the intention of every blogger to make money online through Amazon affiliate program.

But there is this problem…

Its no news that while Amazon affiliate registration process may be easier for those in top countries like US, UK and Canada

But it is rather hard to do Amazon affiliate registration process for Nigerians and other blacklisted nations.

Do not worry, I have got the solution for you here..

Problems of Amazon affiliate registration process for Nigerians

Although Amazon affiliate program registration process is easier, but many non US citizens have got stuck in the phone verification stage.

Its very bad right?

But there is good news for you.

Seriously, I faced the same issue of Amazon affiliate phone verification issue. It took me two weeks of tiresome research to find a permanent solution.

Good news is…

I am going to share you this trick for free… I mean completely free.

I am going to show you a complete work around on Amazon affiliate registration process for Nigerians.


I am going to show you how to successfully scale through the amazon affiliate phone verification phase unhurt and happy.

You are somehow relieved right?

Believe me; I know how painful it could be.

We all know that Amazon affiliate is one of the best affiliate programs where you earn commission promoting products found on the site.

Amazon affiliate program is idea for bloggers, niche website owners and youtubers.

From research, it evident that Amazon affiliate registration process for Nigerians, Indians, Pakistanis and other Amazon blacklisted countries is hard.

The painful part is that you get to the Amazon affiliate phone verification phase only to see the sorry message.

And guess what, you would have to start all over again.

It is always heart breaking when fills out the forms, getting to the phone verification phase and you get the unable to connect message.

Benefits of reading this post…

You will never encounter any problem while creating Amazon affiliate program account in Nigeria again.

You will be able to verify your number on Amazon after reading Amazon affiliate program registration process for Nigerians.

You learn how to create as many amazon affiliate program account as possible.

Amazon affiliate registration process for Nigerians and phone verification fix

For this amazon affiliate registration process for Nigerians to be successful, you need the following requirements to verify your phone number.

kindly note that amazon affiliate phone verification process is simple.

  • A good Andriod Smartphone

  • A PC (it is the best for Amazon registration)

  • A good VPN (I used windscribe, its free)

  • Textnow or textplus App (I recommend textplus, they are all free)

That’s all you need. If you don’t have a PC, you might consider borrowing from a friend or using a cafĂ©.

How to register for Amazon affiliate program for Nigerians

I am not going to list the whole steps here… kindly head over to Amazon affiliate website with your PC and click on sign up.


Fill on the forms there. They are very easy to fill

How to successfully verify your number on Amazon affiliate in Nigeria.

it is important to note that you cannot verify your Amazon affiliate program in Nigeria with your Nigeria mobile number.

This is where textplus App comes in.

This app gives you a US number for free to verify your number.

Note, you cannot find the app on play store if you are a Nigeria because it is strictly for US citizens only.

But there’s a good news.

You can still download the app from anywhere in the world with these steps.

Step 1:

Download a good free VPN from playstore (I used windscribe VPN)

Head over to your android phone

Got to settings = apps = playstore

Clear cache and force stop the app.

Step 2:

Now, on your VPN and connect to USA

Head to Google play store and search for textplus app

Now, with your VPN still on, download and signup for a free number on the textplus app.

You are good to go.


You will be giving a free US phone number with which you can use to receive a call from amazon and verify your Amazon affiliate program registration process for Nigerians and other blacklisted countries.

How to use the textplus app

In order to complete this amazon affiliate registration process, you will need to open the textplus app once you are on the amazon phone verification stage on your pc.

Amazon Affiliate Program Registration Process for Nigerians

You will need a good data connection for this.

Now, copy the number textplus gave to you, and place it on the field provided on the amazon affiliate phone verification screen and click the button next to it.


Note: Paradventure, the textplus app could not answer the call, kindly contact me to create an Amazon affiliate account for as low as N3500

Now, with the app open on your phone, you will receive a call from Amazon. Pick it and follow the steps to successfully verify your number.

How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Link

  1. Choose either “Quick Links: Search for Product” or “Browse for Product”

  2. “Quick Links: Search for Product” allows you to search for a specific product keyword

  3. “Browse for Product” allows you to search for products via categories like “Video,” “Health & Beauty,” and “Books”

  4. Once you find a relevant product, click the “Get Link” button

  5. Customize your link by choosing an add with text and image, text only, image only, or widget

  6. Depending on the link type, customize background color, title color, and image size.

  7. Preview of the link before adding it to your site

  8. Copy and paste the link, shortlink, or HTML copy and place it on your site

  9. Success!

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Wrapping up…

This tutorial on Amazon affiliate registration process for Nigerians is not only meant for Nigerians.

It also works for other Amazon affiliate blacklisted countries.

With these steps, I am very sure you will create as many Amazon affiliate accounts as possible.

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